Outsider Art

Black Folk Art in America 1930-1980 - Corcoran Gallery of Art  Jane Livingston & John Beardsley
Light of Spirit - Portraits of Southern Outsider Artists  Goekjian & Peacock
Outsider Art  Jean-Louise Ferrier
The Artist Outsider  Michael Hall & Eugene W. Metcalf, Jr.
Outsider Art of the South  Kathy Moses
Raw Creation- Outsider Art and Beyond  John Maizels
Revelations - Alabama's Visionary Folk Artists  Kathy Kemp & Keith Boyer
Pictured in My Mind - Contemporary American Self Taught Art  Birmingham Museum of Art/University Press of Mississippi
Bill Traylor  Frank Maresca & Roger Ricco
The Art of William Edmondson  Creekwood Museum of Art/Mississippi Press
Elijah Pierce Woodcarver  Columbus Museum of Art/University of Washington Press
Signs and Wonders - Outsider Art Inside North Carolina  Roger Manley
Made with Passion - Hemphill Folk Art Collection National Museum of American Art  Lynda Roscoe Hartigan
The Temptation - Edgar Tolson and the Genesis of Twentieth Century Folk Art  Julia Ardery
Howard Finster Stranger from Another World  Reverend Howard Finster and Tom Patterson
Howard Finster Man of Visions  J.F. Turner
Ned Cartledge - Freedom is Not Free  Nexus Press
Dubuffet  Peter Selz with text by the artist
Beyond Reason Art and Psychosis - Works from the Prinzhorn Collection  Brand-Claussen, Jadi, Douglas
Passionate Visionaries of the American South Self Taught from 1940 to Present  Alice Rae Yellen
Naives and Visionaries  Walker Art Center
20th Century American Folk Art, Self Taught, and Outsider Art  Betty Carol Sellen & Cynthia Johanson
Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Folk Art + Artists  Chuck & Jan Rosenak
O Appalachia  Ramona Lampell & Millard Lampell
Kentucky Crafts  Phyllis George
Vivolo and His Wooden Children  Ken Laffal
Mingering Mike - The Amazing Career of an Imaginary Superstar  Dori Hadar

Folk Art

American Folk Art Canes - Personal Sculpture  George H. Meyer
Stick: Historical and Contemporary Kentucky Canes  The KY Art & Craft Foundation with Larry Hackley
American Primitive  Roger Ricco & Frank Maresca with Julia Weisman
All American Folk Arts and Crafts  William C. Ketchum, Jr.
Sign Languages - Street Signs as Folk Art  John Baeder
Animals in American Folk Art  Wendy Lavitt
Wood Carvings - North American Folk Scuptures  Marian Klamkin & Charles Klamkin
Tramp Art - American Folk Art Phenomenon  Melanie Fendelman & Jonathan Taylor
Folk Erotica - Celebrating Centuries of Erotic American  Milton Simpson
A Gallery of American Weathervanes + Whirlygigs  Robert Bishop & Patricia Coblentz

African Art

Dreams & Reverie - Images of Otherworld Mates Among the Baule, West Africa  Phillip L. Ravenhill
Flash of the Spirit - African and Afro-American Art + Philosophy  Robert Farris Thompson
Art of the South African Townships  Gavin Younge
The Tribal Arts of Africa  Jean-Baptiste Bacquart
Art of Africa  Jacques Kerchache, Jean-Louis Paudrat, Lucien Stephan
Primitive Art + Society  Anthony Forge
Primitive Art  Franz Boas